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Zoomlion Attends China Fire 2017

Date:2017-09-08 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com:Recently, Zoomlion (Exhibition Hall No.:OD02) brought nine latest firefighting products on display at China Fire 2017, fully demonstrating its formidable strengths in the high-end fire-fighting industry.

 Zoomlion Attends China Fire 2017   

Specifically, its firefighting products cover aerial ladder fire trucks, elevating platform fire truck,s water tower fire trucks, urban fire trucks, foam/water tank fire trucks, large lighting fire trucks, emergency fire trucks, road-rail duel-functional fire trucks, and crawler multifunctional rescuing machines.

At its exhibition hall, Zoomlion YT53 straight-arm aerial ladder fire truck is particularly eye-catching. The vehicle appeared in China’s V-day Parade in 2015 and this year’s Military Parade to mark the 90th anniversary of the establishment of PLA.

Zoomlion Attends China Fire 2017

Zoomlion JP50 water tower fire truck has been upgraded and can work at a maximum distance of 44 meters and a maximum height of 50 meters. It is specially ideal for fire fighting work targeted at oil tanks, warehouses, chemical factories, oil refineries. Since its debut in 2016, it has accomplished several rescuing tasks.

Zoomlion Attends China Fire 2017

Zoomlion DG70 elevating platform fire truck boasts a number of internationally competitive technologies. Achieving high degree of automation, it can move up to 70 meters high to fight fires with its large-volume water hose.

Zoomlion Attends China Fire 2017

Zoomlion intelligent GD170 road-rail duel functional fire truck is specially targeted at the firefighting work on railways, metros, tunnels, and bridges. As a new generation of fire truck, it can work smoothly on both rails and roads. Different firefighting media and equipment can be loaded on the vehicle. In addition, it can perform a number of tasks, such as rescuing people, lighting, detecting & examining and driving away smokes.

Zoomlion crawler multifunctional rescuing machine ZB260ELC is another highlight at the exhibition. It can be widely used in the rescuing work in natural disasters, such as earthquakes, landslides, and fires.

Also on display are Zoomlion 18-ton water-tank fire truck, multifunctional PM55 urban fire truck, JY98 rescuing fire truck, and ZM90 lighting fire truck.

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