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Dongfeng Furui Trucks F7/F11 Debut in Wuhan

Date:2017-11-15 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Recently, newly upgraded Dongfeng Furui trucks F7 and F11 (powered by Xichai engines) were officially revealed to the public in Wuhan.

By cooperating with FAW Xichai, Dongfeng successfully developed Furui trucks F7 and F11, which are chiefly targeted at logistic service market. Both are equipped with Xichai Kangwei 4DX 4102 engine and fully meet National V Emission Standards.Dongfeng Furui Trucks F7/F11 Debut in WuhanDongfeng Furui Truck F11

Three highlights of F7 and F11 are worth mentioning.

1. Powerful performance: With a 140-horsepower engine, both vehicles achieve a maximum torque of 450 N.M and have a displacement of 3.86 liters, far superior to those of their counterparts. Either F7 or F11 can drive over 600 km continuously.

2. Customized products: Customers have a variety of choices when it comes to selecting vehicle body structures, vehicle axles, tires and cargo containers.

3. More comforts and higher safety standards: both vehicles’ cockpit B07, has passed ECE-R29 collision experiment. With air-cut brakes, exhaust brakes, ABS, active & passive safety measures, Dongfeng F7 and F11 achieve higher safety standards and provide more travel comforts for truck drivers.

On the day of their debut in Wuhan, four units F7/F11 were sold and five more units were to be delivered to their customers soon.(www.chinatrucks.com)

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