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Jiefang J6P 8×4 Construction Truck with Ultra-short Wheelbase Put into Service

Date:2017-11-20 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Under the theme of “striving for the ultimate goal of great intelligence”, FAW Jiefang J6P 8×4 ultra-short wheelbase slag truck officially went into service in Heifei city, Anhui province on November 16, 2017, with the presence of over 200 industry VIP customers, group leaders and Jiefang colleagues.

Product Manager of Jiefang Dumping truck department, Zhao Xiaoguang, attended the event and delivered a speech. He said that this J6P 8 × 4 ultra-short wheelbase slag truck put on the market continues the advanced design and manufacturing process of the Jiefang products and at the same time combines the practical case in transportation with light weight, strong power, high reliability, fuel-saving, more comfortable and other outstanding advantages, fully meeting the new needs of users’ efficient operation.

The delivery of Jiefang J6P 8×4 slag truck in Hefei, a beautiful and thriving city, perfectly demonstrating its excellent and extraordinary performance. As a product in line with policy, market development and user’s need, it will certainly deliver great benefits to its customers.

J6P 8×4 ultra-short wheelbase slag truck offers a chassis weighing only 10.5t, which allows users to carry more goods because the allowed maximum weight of vehicle and goods is 65t under the current regulation. In addition, it is a truck with a wheelbase as short as 2250mm, which shortens the turning radius greatly. This will be very useful when traveling in complicated operating conditions. To improve passenger comfort and reduce fuel consumption, Jiefang adopts the common rail system and the exclusive fuel-saving technology of its own to reduce the fuel consumption/100 by 2-3L compared with its competitors. The other considerate design includes low engine vibration, double seal and air seats, joining to provide customers with a thoughtful and comfort driving. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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