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XCMG Showcase Its High-quality Products at the 16th China-ASEAN Expo

Date:2019-10-11 Author:Linda Source:XCMG

With the long bell sound at the crack of dawn, the 16th China-ASEAN Expo was grandly opened in Nanning, Guangxi on September 21, in which XCMG exhibited 15 products, including excavators, road building and sanitation, highlighting its strengthen to assist in China-ASEAN cooperation and promote the sharing of technology innovations.

XCMG Showcase High-quality Products at the 16th China-ASEAN Expo

The Expo, themed Building the Belt and Road, Realizing Our Vision for a Community of Shared Future, attracted 2,780 enterprises from different countries and regions, who showcased high-quality products and services. The world’s attention is focused on Nanning, China, and the Expo.

“XCMG excavator is very perfect,it has brought me great benefits!”, Mr. Lopez, a Philippine customer who has DK excavators acclaimed XCMG’s products again. XCMG DK excavators, with fully improved overload adaptability, become the highlight without any doubt.

XCMG introduced 6 ACE products of XE75D, XE135D, XE245DK, XE305D, XE370DK and XE490DK in the Expo. With the leading reliability, energy-saving capacity and efficiency, and stronger adaptability to crack operation and mining, DK excavators have overcome the industrial difficulties in overload construction, showing its leading role as a provider of earthwork, mining solutions to the world.

XCMG Showcase High-quality Products at the 16th China-ASEAN Expo

XCMG brought three representative sanitation products, namely 8-ton pure-electric low-pressure cleaning vehicle, 8-ton cleaning sweeper truck and 8-ton muti-functional dust suppression vehicle, all of which are model products developed to meet customers’ needs.

The 8-ton pure-electric low-pressure cleaning vehicle is equipped with pure-electric chassis and large-capacity battery, travelling 210 km on a single charge. The 8-ton cleaning sweeper truck, provided with upgraded engine, meeting the National-VI standard, integrates multiple functions of road sweeping, spraying and dust reduction. As a star product, the 8-ton multi-functional dust suppression vehicle can effectively reduce PM2.5, and all functions can be realized in a cab 100 meters away by a remote control.

As a leader in Chinese road machinery industry, XCMG brought three road rollers and a paver. Among them, XD133, XS265JS vibratory rollers and XP263KS tyre roller can safely, efficiently, intelligently operate in different conditions with energy saving; RP953T paver is an important model in XCMG large pavers, with reliable quality, super-stronger construction capacity, excellent working performance and higher cost performance.

As a leading equipment manufacturer in China, XCMG closely follows the step of the country to expand the market along the Belt and Road. “Localization” and “adaptation to local conditions” become the key factors for XCMG products to enter into the ASEAN market.

Product quality is the precondition for Chinese construction machinery enterprises to open overseas market, and comprehensive service with quick response makes XCMG win more users in the competition.

Over the years, XCMG has visited various construction sites and projects overseas to refine product solutions. By training of dealers on their after-sales services, investing more in spare parts, and improving service parts system, XCMG shows its customers increasingly-upgraded services.

At the same time, by devoting itself to lay out the global marketing channel, XCMG has set up an overseas collaborative development mechanism covering the market, channel, products and services. An industrial value chain covering research and development, manufacturing and post-market across the world has been up and running.

At present, XCMG has made great achievements in the market along the Belt and Road. By expanding its market in the Middle East, the West Asia and South Asia, XCMG provides them with complete equipment solutions for infrastructure and construction.


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