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Jiefang New J6 Truck with 500 Horsepower Xichai Aowei Engine Revealed in Chengdu

Date:2018-09-11 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On September 6, FAW Jiefang brought its new J6 self-dumping truck equipped with 13L 500 horsepower Xichai Aowei CA6DM3 engine on display in Chengdu. On the same day, it held a grand ceremony to celebrate the historical moment when the total sales volume of new J6 self-dumping truck has reached 20,000 units across China.

According to Zhang Jiemin, Manager of the Marketing Department of FAW Jiefang Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., new J6 self-dumping truck boasts impressively powerful performances and unparalleled fuel efficiency. Thanks to a number of state-of-art technologies, including EGR, CCV, DOC, DPF, Xichai Aowei engine can help the vehicle cut fuel consumption by 5-8%. In addition, VCU, which can help the vehicle save fuels by 3-5% each day, can be mounted on the vehicle’s engine upon customer’s request.

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