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Linglong Tire Gets Champion for 2014 China Super Truck Race

Date:2014-09-10 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Shaanxi Auto Cup 2014 China Super Truck Race ended its lag in Wucheng, Shandong province on Sept. 4, and Linglong Tire is awarded the champion after many races, and Wei Hao Got the champion for personal from the team.

There are some differences for this year's contest. Three-peak, deep water kit, wave road and shell hole are retained this year. And the air is pretty dry in Wucheng City, so that the dust are thick when driving a vehicle through, and this rises the difficulty of the race, and it is also a big challenge for the racers.

Linglong teal are working together and got the champion at last and this is the second time for the team to get the first place after the Yesanpo lag race last year.

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