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Munck Truck Receives Allison Transmission for Greater Mobility and Safety

Date:2020-05-14 Author:Linda Source:Allison

The search for increased safety of operations, as well as reduced consumption and maintenance, led Super G to acquire nine VW Constellation 31.280, trucks featuring Allison automatic transmissions.

Munck Truck Receives Allison Transmission for Greater Mobility and Safety

Difficulties found in certain operations of its Munck trucks, led Super G, a company specializing in the transportation, lifting and handling of cargo based in Manaus, Amazonas, to opt for Allison Transmission’s fully automatic transmissions.

“We often carry a lot of weight on quite bumpy roads, leading to high maintenance costs for the trucks’ clutch system,” said Sardis Chaves Monteiro Junior, Super G manager. “We have already had problems with the cargo too. Once, on a long and steep slope on a very uneven grade, a manual transmission truck downshifting resulted in such a jolt that the cargo fell off.”

In order to avoid another mishap like this, reduce maintenance costs and vehicle downtime, and assure the safety of operations and greater driver comfort, the company has chosen to purchase the VW Constellation 31.280 equipped with Allison automatic transmissions. With this configuration, these trucks will be directed to perform operations such as crane in hard-to-reach areas, mining companies and remote locations. Moreover, such trucks allow for the transmission line maintenance with greater ease and mobility, and support operations inside and outside urban areas. “We have already found that it not only reduces the maintenance costs, but also brings us higher profit with its reduced fuel consumption,” said Monteiro Junior.

Volkswagen Trucks and Buses has been very active in producing technologies for vocational niche vehicles - including, a fruitful partnership with Allison, developing products for the waste collection, construction, firefighters and armored car segments.

Powered by an Allison 3500, the VW Constellation 31.280 features the VW EasyStart system for slopes and 6x4 traction. The MAN D08 engine, powered by EGR technology, delivers 277 horsepower and a maximum torque of 1,050 Nm. Transverse and longitudinal differential privileges operation by offering robustness.

“Our VW Constellation 31,280 is differentiated in the market. It features a number of tailored features. Among these is Allison's automatic transmission with torque converter,” said Thiago Armando Supplizi, Sales Advisor for Volkswagen Trucks and Buses. “With this configuration, the model ensures less downtime, less maintenance and superior profitability for the business. Its technology also allows us to maintain the pace of operation with this shifting system regarding speed and torque, favoring the planning for better results.”

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