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Weihu sells better in oversea market


Weihu Pickup is the representative model of the third age in inner land pickup industry. It was on oversea market in June for the first time. It made a new exportation record as 3,000 units. It is often compared with Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota and some brands like these, and it is often said well.

It was on inner market in on October 18, and it was sold well in the following two months as orders of 1,000 units, and it became the new pet in the high level pickup field.

Recently, it performed a climax in government stock. Experts said Weihu Pickup has special features such as appearance; drive power and technique performance, so we said it was a new highlight.

Wu Lidong, the manager of Zhongxing Sale Company, said Weihu is not a kind of traditional pickup, it is not only a leader of technology, but of consume culture. We endow Weihu with three culture meanings: struggle, live and exceed. Strive is a motion that faces the challenges from life and career. Life is the life with no restrictions and people are galloping in a lifetime journey with no stop. Exceed explains the true self and the spirit that never be exceeded.

Professionals said Weihu is not only on the top in appearance and platform, but in performance it is also beyond some other brand like ISUZU truck. Weihu Pickup sets ABS+EBD as the basic equipment type, and it is the only one type with ABS+EBD in inner market. It entered the market with the price of 89,800 Yuan but its performance is almost the same as NISSAN which is at the price of 120,000 Yuan. So Weihu has a great advantage in competition. The fact is a hot sale.


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