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CHMC TRAGO Awarded “the 2017 Annual Tractor”

Date:2016-12-21 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On December 19, 2017 China Commercial Vehicles Selection Presentation was held in Beijing. CHMC TRAGO was awarded “the 2017 Annual Tractor” and won the highly appraise of industrial specialists.


As the most authoritative annual product performance comprehensive evaluation and test of the most strict test standard in commercial vehicle industry, China trucks annual selection activity has extremely influence in the industry. In the tenth year, China trucks annual selection activity has officially upgraded to the annual commercial vehicle selection. In addition to the authority jury and professional test team, as well as representatives of the logistics company and commercial vehicle drivers also joined the selection, that they made professional test on the aspects that consumers focused on, including brake, fuel consumption, safety and control.


Followed by the double champions of “the 2016 annual China joint venture brand tractor vehicle” and “the 8th China International Truck Fuel-saving Competition Champion” in the last year, within the expectation, TRAGO won Truck Fuel-saving Competition Champion and the 2017 Annual Tractor again through several professional tests, showed its excellent performance.

TRAGO equipped with Powertec12.7L engine with options of many power, and large displacement Powertec engine has a more adequate reserve power, in the rich gearbox speed ratio, easier to achieve high-speed driving. On fuel saving, TRAGO has application of international advanced fuel-saving technology, such as with the Eco-Roll and the dual power mode function, not only can improve the efficiency of vehicles, but also can effectively reduce the fuel consumption.


On security technology, TRAGO set new standards meet the European safety regulations. In order to ensure comprehensive security, TRAGO equipped with safety protection devices in the whole body; TRAGO also has the apparently rare technology of delay putting down parking brake; when the air pressure of the braking force does not meet the requirements, the truck will delay putting down the parking brake to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

Half of the TRAGO drive cab used high tension steel plate, and the frame used 780MPA ultra-high strength material to further guarantee the reliability of the product with 16 ton rear axle. Side pedal trim and front bumper used SMC material, compared to PC material, the impact strength of the former is 2 times as excellent as the latter’s. Reliable and durable excellent quality has ensured a high attendance, but also greatly reduced operating costs throughout the life cycle, which can bring long-term benefits for logistics users.


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