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Additional 1100 Units! Weichai’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Are On a Fast Track

Date:2022-09-02 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On September 1, Weichai signed strategic cooperation agreements with three customers to supply a total of 1100 hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles following the delivery of 200 hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles on August 27.

The customer with whom Weichai signed the 1100-unit strategic cooperation agreements are Qingdao Shengtonghua, Zibo Zhanhong Automobile and ACT WITH ONE MIND Logistics Technology from the logistics and transport industry. 

The 1,100 hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles contracted consist of a wide variety, ranging from 4.5 ton city logistics trucks, 18 ton logistics trucks to 49 ton tractors, which will be delivered successively over the next two to three years.

“The development of hydrogen fuel cells and the establishment of an industrial ecosystem cannot be achieved without the coordinated efforts between the upstream and downstream industry chains.” said Hu Haihua, secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Weichai Group. In the future, Weichai will move faster to make breakthroughs in core fuel cell technologies and promote them in coordination with the upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises.

The parties reached a consensus on deepening the application and promotion of hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles. They will then work together on the large-scale commercial use of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the logistics sector and push for the rapid development of the hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicle industry.

“The signing here marks a milestone in the history of Weichai's hydrogen fuel cell development. After years of in-depth layout and focused R&D, Weichai has now developed a large number of hydrogen fuel cell products with independent intellectual property rights. The development of the hydrogen fuel cell industry requires the joint efforts of upstream and downstream enterprises to form a closed loop, and also requires them to collaborate in many aspects such as hydrogen production and storage, thus accelerating the commercial application of hydrogen fuel cells on a larger scale." relevant leader of Weichai Group said at the event.

Since 2010, Weichai has invested successively 4 billion yuan in new energy business and built the world's largest fuel cell engine and stack production line with a capacity of 20,000 hydrogen fuel cell engines. Relying on the National Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Centre and the opportunity presented by the "Hydrogen in Ten Thousand Homes" technology demonstration project, Weichai launched a full range of hydrogen power & corresponding commercial vehicles, thus strengthening its position as a forerunner in the field of hydrogen fuel cells.

In the future, Weichai will make rapid breakthroughs in core technologies, provide more competitive products to lead the industry and contribute to the achievement of the "Double Carbon" target.


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