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SANY Signs Cooperation with Tencent to Boost Digitalization

Date:2020-07-14 Author:Will Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On June 11, SANY signed a strategic partnership deal with the tech giant Tencent to build the first smart call center in the construction equipment industry and to consolidate SANY’s reputation for customer service with the speed-up of the transformation to intelligent customer service.

Strong alliance for the first smart call center

This cooperation is a concrete action to combine technological advantages and experiences of both sides to explore the path for digitalization and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry.

According to the agreement, Tencent will help build a general smart call center to integrate all sub-centers, public platforms, WeChat mini-programs, relevant websites, and APP of SANY’s 17 business divisions to realize information sharing and high-efficient cooperation.

It is reported that the smart call center has multiple functions including intelligent real-time meeting, AI outbound, smart deployment, and smart customer service, and it will be equipped with the cutting-edge intelligent knowledge database to ensure fast searching and to improve the efficiency and accuracy of service.

At the same time, the center will have the first digital service team in the industry and an AI robot, which can high-efficiently cope with 83 percent of the repeated inquiries to ensure a better customer experience.

Taking the maintenance service request as an example, the traditional service pattern may cost more than ten minutes considering the call answering, customer checking, order input, and service staff dispatch. With the adoption of the new system and intelligent service, the time will be greatly saved to three minutes.

To speed up digitalization

With more than 1,700 service centers and about 10,000 service engineers around the world, SANY is the first one in the industry to offer a lifetime customer service and devote itself to enhance the services value chain.

In recent years, SANY has been keeping making efforts to upgrade the key business operation and transfer the process of core business to the mobile terminal, which greatly reduced the average processing cycle of complaint handling by 90 percent.

This is not the first cooperation between SANY and Tencent. SANY’s Root Cloud, China’s leading industrial internet platform, has adopted Tencent cloud computing and until now, it has already connected 580,000 units of high-value equipment and acquired about 10,000 parameters, which provides intelligent service for the hundred-billion enterprise.

Liang Dingan, general manager of Tencent Cloud believes this cooperation will be a good opportunity to walk in synchronization with China’s strategy to develop industrial internet and intelligent manufacturing. Tencent will fully support SANY’s digitalization with its advantage in technology and the ecosystem.


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