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Weichai Launches the First Euro V Engine in Vietnam

Date:2017-03-31 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On March 29, 2017, Weichai’s brand new product service center built in Ho Chi Minh City is completed and grandly opened. Meanwhile, Weichai introduces two high-end engines - WP9H and WP2.3 to local market. The two engines, with high pressure common rail and effective SCR technique, meets Euro V standard and has the potential to meet Euro Ⅵ emision requirements. They are the engines with highest emission standards in Vietnam market.

Weichai Launches the First Euro V Engine in Vietnam
At the event, Chen Haide, Chinese Consul-General in Ho Chi Minh City, Feng Gang, Weichai's Vice-President in power products, Nguyen Wu Hai, deputy Director General of Vietnam Vehicle Inspection Bureau, and Fan Guowu, General Manager of Meihua Auto together inject “V-shaped cup” that stands for Euro V emission standard with champagne, symbolizing victory and a brighter future. Wu Ying, Minister of Vietnam VR Industry, together with Zhang Gengsheng, General Manager of Weichai Group, unveils the two engines.
The brand new product service center, combining product display, training and teaching, conferences and workshops, warehouse and maintenance into a whole, is Weichai’s first standard overseas product service center, and will provide customers in Vietnam with 7x24hours service in an omni-directrional way.
Weichai Launches the First Euro V Engine in Vietnam

WP9H EuroⅤ vehicle engine
The newly launched WP9H and WP2.3 by Weichai are another masterpieces in Vietnam market. WP9H series diesel, with output range of 310-350 hp and maximum torque of 1700 Nm, has excellent dynamic property. The engine is famous for its “high reliability”, proved by bench test of 45,000 hours and vehicle road endurance test of 50 million kilometers. And its B10 life is up to 1.8 million kilometers/30 thousand hours.
Weichai Launches the First Euro V Engine in Vietnam
WP2.3 Euro Ⅴ vehicle engine
WP2.3 diesel series is the representative of Weichai Rui power family. On the basis of Weichai’s “POWER+” intelligent platform, its output is 61-110 hp, and has low rotating speed, large torque and high reliability. The engine’s key parts are from globally famous suppliers and has gone through strict “three high” tests (high temperature, highland and extreme cold) and road test, vehicle heat balance and bench heat balance tests. B10 delivers up to 800-thousand kilometers operating life.
Weichai Launches the First Euro V Engine in Vietnam
The Euro Ⅴ engines launched by Weichai meets the demands of Vietnamese customers better. Weichai is also the first firm that introduces Euro Ⅴ engines in Vietnam, marking the access to Euro Ⅴ era for Vietnamese vehicle engines.

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