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Wei Chai Special Vehicle Launched Its WT160 Wide-body Mining Truck

Date:2022-02-17 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

CHINA, Feb 17(chinatrucks.com)--In support of the national regulatory requirements for safety and effectiveness, mine construction has to undertake transformation to reduce vehicle density, cut the personnel and reduce consumption, thereby improving the overall efficiency. The upgrading of the mining trucks has become an inevitable trend. Weichai special vehicle took the opportunity to launch its WT 160 wide-body mining trucks. Let's take a look together what highlights does it have. 

Wei Chai Special Vehicle Launched Its WT160 Wide-body Mining Truck

Highlight 1 upgrading power 

Powered by high-horsepower engine to deliver high reliability and fuel economy

Weichai high-end golden powertrain engine WP17G770 + gearbox 8DSS330 + twin plate clutch + HDZ heavy-load mining axle

Powerful back-up power is capable of delivering larger torque, higher reliability with low fuel consumption. After operation for more than a year, it is proved that the fuel consumption/m3 is significantly reduced and the user's comprehensive benefit is thus improved.

Highlight 2 robust and reliable chasis 

High adaptability to roads in the mining area due to its ultra-wide flexible frame

Frame – the extra wide flexible frame is anti-bending and anti-torsion, which allows for optimum lateral stability to adapt to all kinds of roads in the mining area.

Front suspension - white travertine front axle is equipped with double slide front leaf springs and double shock absorbers to help ensure a long life and high reliability of the front suspension.

Rear suspension - Highly reliable pinned 8 thrust rod has good dynamics and high reliability.

Balance shaft - Integral balance shaft with large shaft diameter has the capacity to bear extra load.

Highlight 3  comfortable and relaxed riding experience

It brings a comfortable riding experience with a highly silent and sealed semi-suspension cab.

Mining-specific seats ensure a comfortable ride.

Fully hydraulic steering ensures that the steering operation is light and precise.

Independent steering pump ensures that the steering system is stable and reliable.

Highlight 4  safe braking

High-quality VOSS push-in brake piping system ensures high braking reliability.

Germany VOSS push-in brake piping system can ensure a good sealing of the brake lines.

Gas tank with large capacity ensures continuous braking capability while going downhills.

Three-way relay valve ensures braking is distributed between each axle, resulting in quick and effective braking reactions.

The hydraulic retarder is fitted as standard, which provides a large braking torque to enhance the driving safety when going downhill and to reduce wear & tear on tires and the brake pads.

Highlight 5  improved operational efficiency 

Operational efficiency is enhanced with a high-capacity cargo box.

With a cargo box made of abrasion resistant material and capable of loading 55-60M3, transport efficiency can be multiplied.

1000L magnesium-Aluminium alloy fuel tank ensures a long range required in continuous shift operation in the mine area.

It is equipped with 480/95R29 tires, which provides a high level of puncture resistance and a longer service life. Wei Chai Special Vehicle Launched Its WT160 Wide-body Mining Truck

It has been proven to be stable and reliable after dozens of prototypes have been put into operation under 10 different operating conditions for more than 400 days, with a total mileage of more than 400,000 km and the engine running for more than 50,000 hours.


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