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EPA-certified trucks, trailers available


By Jill Dunn
from www.etrucker.com

Truck and trailer makers are offering 2007 models certified by the Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay program. The EPA says the trucks can save owners $11,000 annually while reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and air pollutants.

Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt and Volvo are participating in the program. SmartWay-designated models include the International ProStar and Volvo VN and, in 2008, the Freightliner Century Class S/T and Columbia.

SmartWay-approved equipment can reduce fuel consumption 10 to 20 percent by reducing wind resistance, the EPA says. Each Smartway truck can save 2,000 to 4,000 gallons of diesel per year ?or $5,680 to $11,360, at current retail prices.

SmartWay trucks or engines have:

  • Integrated cab-high roof fairings.
  • Tractor-mounted side fairing gap reducers.
  • Tractor fuel-tank side fairings.
  • Aerodynamic bumpers and mirrors.
  • Reduced-idling options such as auxiliary power units, generator sets, direct fired heaters, battery-powered HVAC systems and automatic engine start/stop systems.
  • Options for low-rolling resistance tires, singles or duals.

    SmartWay trailers have:
  • Side skirts.
  • Weight-saving technologies.
  • Gap reducers on the front or trailer tails, either extenders or boat tails.
  • Options for low-rolling resistance tires, singles or duals.

    Any company may buy SmartWay tractors and trailers, but only registered SmartWay Transport Partners may display the SmartWay logo. Existing trailers also can be upgraded with the SmartWay attachments.

    The EPA says it will set more ambitious performance targets for Smartway tractor-trailers in the future and is developing guidelines for recognizing other vehicles such as delivery vans ?in which hybrid technology can dramatically improve fuel efficiency.

    The SmartWay Transport Partnership is a program developed by EPA and the freight industry to reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution and to promote cleaner, more efficient ground freight transportation.

    Carriers in the SmartWay Transport Partnership include Barr-Nunn Transportation, Con-Way Freight, J.B. Hunt and YRC Worldwide. Shipper partners include Lower and Home Depot. Shipper-carrier partners include Bridgestone Firestone North America and Tyson Foods.


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